Saturday, March 5, 2011


I am proud of us.
Most days are hard, and I have to take the time to cry and vent about how hard they are, but I feel like I need to also take the time to say that I am proud of us.
If you asked me a year ago if I thought I could ever survive losing a child, I would have said no.
But four months after the most horrible thing I could have imagined happening in my worst nightmares, I am still standing.  Parke is still standing.  Our whole family is still standing.  And we are still standing together.
Every day we get up...even if some days it takes us a little longer.
Every day we get dressed...some of us even try to look our best on days we feel our worst.
Every day we pray...we pray to God for guidance even when we ask him why.
Every day we try to do the things we know we need to do to heal our hearts, our bodies, and our minds.
Every day we are trying our very best.
And for that reason I am so proud of us.

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