Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Laugh to keep from crying

No matter how bad things get (and I think I can definitively say our current situation is pretty darn bad), I have tried to keep at least a little bit of my sense of humor intact.  That is not to say that I sit around laughing all the time, or every day, or even every week...but when there is humor to be found I do still try to find it...
Which takes me to this afternoon...
I was minding my business waiting in line at the local grocery store, picking up sub sandwiches for dinner (Susie Homemaker I am not), when an older man busted in the front door and, after scanning the twelve or so people in line, zeroed in on me and started pointing furiously-
"YOU! I know YOU know...where do I find the frozen pizzas??!!"
And yeah, of course I knew where to find the frozen pizzas, but to pointed out as someone who automatically looks like they have intimate knowledge of junk food locale is pretty humiliating.

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