Thursday, August 18, 2011

Relief Doesn't Even Begin To Describe It....

Words like thankful and relief do not even begin to describe how I feel about yesterday's doctors appointment.

We heard words I have NEVER heard in either of my pregnancies, words like "perfect" and "great".  Every scary thing that has been a possibility until  now was as ruled out as it ever gets in pregnancy.  We left the appointment and I almost did not know how to feel...I am a normal pregnant person, I have never been a normal pregnant person before.

This time last year, at 20 weeks pregnant, I was not allowed to be further than a ten mile radius from a hospital...eight weeks later I was in the hospital for 6 weeks.  I was not allowed to walk around, much less walk for exercise.  I had to sit at my desk with my feet propped in the air.  I would not trade one minute of that time I was on bed rest with Rip, because it gave me time with him that I did not realize I would not have after he was born...but it was scary, and I was about as far from a normal pregnant person as you get.

Today I am wearing 4 inch leopard platform shoes.  I got up early this morning and power-walked through my neighborhood.  I am meeting a friend for dinner tonight and will keep my legs firmly on the floor.  I don't have to get into bed unless I want to.  It still feel a little unreal to me to Just. Be. Pregnant.

But I am, just a normal pregnant person, carrying a healthy (and very active...she put on quite a show yesterday) Baby Girl. Relief doesn't even begin to describe it.

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