Friday, August 12, 2011

The Evolution of Gracie

I've never been a big "music person"...I like music, but I rarely know who sings what, and until now it pretty much served as background noise.

After we lost Rip, I was amazed by how much music helped.  There were songs that made me cry, made me smile...just basically got me through whatever emotion I needed to get through.

That trend has continued with pregnancy, so yesterday I put together a "Gracie Playlist" with all of the songs that remind me of the time when she was just a dream, songs that remind this pregnancy, and then songs that give me hope for holding her in my arms.

I wanted to save that list here, in case pregnancy brain takes over and I forget...

1.     Have a Little Faith- John Hiatt 
2.     Just Haven’t Met You Yet- Michael Buble
3.     Bright Side of the Road- Van Morrison
4.     Not a moment too soon- Tim McGraw
5.     Rainbow- Jack Johnson
6.     The Sound of Sunshine- Michael Franti
7.     Let it Be- Beatles
8.     Three Little Birds- Bob Marley
9.     Wave on Wave- Pat Green
10   Feel My Love- Adele
11  What a Wonderful World- Louis Armstrong
12   Everything- Michael Buble
13   Isn’t She Lovely- Stevie Wonder
14   Baby Mine- Alison Krauss
15  Gracie- Ben Folds
16  Amazing Grace- Leann Rimes version
17   Miss Grace- The Tymes

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