Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Thank you, Doctor

Today, I want to acknowledge how grateful I am for the doctors who have helped me through this pregnancy.  Last Friday, I had my 24 week appointment.  When the nurse went to measure my belly (technically, my "fundal height", but that word remind me of fungus so I will stick with belly), I was measuring 2 weeks behind.  The nurse assured me that was completely normal.  While I waited for my doctor to come in, I did some hardcore praying that she would do or say something that could stop the major freak-out currently in progress.

She came in, took one look at my face,asked me what was wrong and (after assuring me again that my measurement was completely normal, and that she was not worried at all) scheduled me to have an ultrasound within the hour.  It was Friday afternoon at 4:00 and she knew nothing was wrong, she could have easily said "we'll keep an eye on it" and sent me on my way.  She could have left me to worry and stress and cry.  Instead, she told me that if there was EVER anything she could do to help my peace of mind, I just needed to ask.  Gracie looked beautiful...she is a whopping 1 lb 6ozs and right on track in the 48th percentile. My (and probably especially Parke's) weekend was saved.

And that has been what my medical care has been like with this pregnancy.  The doctor I saw for the first 12 weeks with Gracie, before I made the necessary change to my high risk practice, still checks on my ultrasounds and calls to give me extra encouragement after each one.  One of the doctor's at my high-risk practice took the time to look me in the eye and say, "we're not going to let anything bad happen to you".  I have worked with a genetic counselor who stood outside of the ultrasound room door, late to a meeting, just to make sure that my baby looked okay so that she could reassure me.

I met with my current doctor after I lost Rip and before I got pregnant with Gracie.  She told me then that 95% of this pregnancy would be mental.  She has taken the time to treat the mental right along with the physical.

I know these days doctors have to be careful about what they say, a potential lawsuit could be around any corner.  That's what makes what these doctors have done even more special...they have taken the time to do things, maybe not in their job description, but things that may have made all of the difference to the health of me and my baby.  For that, I need to say thank you.

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