Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Glimpse of Grace

In my former life, not only did I say that I would never pass around ultrasound pictures, I declared that I would never, ever stoop so low as to post those creepy 3-D babies.

This is why they tell you never say never.

                                            My daughter, the Trekkie

                                           Good news, it's a baby alright

"Seriously, Mama, relax...give me a little peace and quiet in here"


  1. She's photogenic already! Seriously - these are really good ultrasound pics. Not "creepy" in the least. Can't wait to see if she looks like she does here, or if she is (is it possible?) even cuter. Show them off, mama!

  2. WOW!! These are really good!! What a little model you have in there!! She is just beautiful Anne.

  3. These are great! I'm so glad that this is another piece of evidence for the never say never clause!