Thursday, September 1, 2011

Prayers of the People

So, taking a little break from my "stages" post...right when I get to the happiest one too! I think that is part of why I am writing today (and will write an "acceptance" post at some point) I woke up so happy...and I freaked out.

Yesterday, I was able to get all of my paperwork back from the doctor outlining my leave when Gracie arrives.  The doctor said we would most likely be doing a c-section on December 26th...can you think of a better way to spend the day after Christmas?! Beats any day-after sale I know about.

But as we get closer, and as it gets more and more real, I get more afraid.  We are SO close, and I just want this baby so badly.  Gracie's birth can't change Rip's loss, but it will be a cause for so much joy.  And I am so afraid something is going to come along and take that joy away.

So very selfishly, today I am asking for prayers. Prayers for health, prayers for normalcy, prayers to quiet my mind, prayers to be able to just enjoy this time.  I guess I am looking for that whole "peace that passes all understanding" thing.  I know so many people have and are praying for us, but it makes me feel like I am doing something to ask for these prayers today...and for someone who likes complete control (and is starting to realize just how little I actually have), that means a lot.

And it sounds cliche, but from the bottom of my heart...thank you.


  1. Anne, if you need to ask us every hour of everyday to pray for your needs; it is a special gift for us to do that for you and your baby girl. I was thinking and praying for you and Gracie this morning and hoping for God's grace and peace to comfort you. When you get scared; offer that fear to God at the foot of the Cross and ask Him to carry that burden for you. Some days you may do it many times, but he is there to comfort and protect you.
    God's Peace,
    Pam S.