Monday, September 12, 2011

A little peace here, a little joy there

I, along with everyone else, watched a lot of 9/11 coverage this weekend.  There are plenty of people much more profound than I to write about anything specifically to do with that day, and I will leave them to it.  What struck me while watching all of the horrific and moving videos from that day now, ten years later, is how much more connected I felt.

The day the towers fell, I was alone in my college gym on the treadmill.  It was just after the first tower was hit, and I watched in disbelief as another plane hit the second tower.  That day, my twenty-year-old friends and I stayed glued to the coverage.  We were afraid, we were upset, we were sad.  But deep down it was happening to someone else.  What we were watching on TV, at least for me, was still unreal.  I went on with my life.

There is a period after a devastating loss where it is impossible to believe that anyone else has been through a loss as terrible as yours.  In a way it's true, because that loss is yours.  Last night, watching the videos of the towers fall, all that I could think about was that everyone that died that day was someone's Rip.

We attended a wedding this weekend, and while singing one of the hymns a verse stuck out to me. . ."Peace on earth and joy in heaven".  I don't think it matters who you are or where you are in life, but after you experience profound loss this statement sums it up.  I can't think of anything I want more than peace for those on earth, and to know that there is safety and joy for those in heaven. That is far from a new concept, but for me, the emotions behind it are different than they were ten years ago.  Peace on earth and joy in heaven.

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