Thursday, July 28, 2011

This Time Next Year...

Next week, I will be on my much anticipated, always relaxing, absolutely wonderful annual beach vacation with my family (and no, all of those burglars out there who everyone assures me are trolling the internet for just this sort of information...our house will NOT be empty...and I am sure that you are enjoying the blog.)

I literally cannot wait to get my ever-expanding rear in a beach chair with a book in my hand and my feet in the water.  My motto for the week is Eat, Sleep, Read. That's about as close to heaven as I get here on earth.

The other night I was talking to my mom, and she said "Can you believe this time next year we will have a baby at the beach with us?"

And I remembered us saying the same thing last year.  And that is hard.

But I feel different this time.  I can honestly say "yes we will!" this year, something I was always too scared to do last year.  I really believe we will having a laughing, crawling baby girl with us next year, that my rear will probably never even get near a chair for all of the running after I will be doing.  And THAT will really be as close to heaven as I get here on earth.

And in some ways, we were not wrong.  Rip is with us this year.  Of course not in the way we would have wanted, but I never doubt for a minute that he is always with us... and his little presence will make itself known in countless wonderful ways.

Yeah, I feel pretty good about this time next year...


  1. Anne, One of the most memorable comments your minister lovingly made at Rip's funeral was that, one day you will have all of your children at the beach with you and you will tell them about their brother Rip. Those words speak to me of so many wonderful beach vacations that are in your family's future. Love to all, Loretta Hollister

  2. Anne, I don't know what to say but had to comment...I can't help but picture y'all and your darlin' Gracie this time next year with fists full of sand and entertaining all of you, and knowing Rip is also there enjoying all of it. Love and prayers to y'all each and every day.