Monday, July 25, 2011

Things I Know

The past eight months have taught me a lot, I figured I better write some of them down in case I forget...

Once a parent, always a earthly thing, death included, can change that

Loving a child changes you forever

There is nothing in the world more important than family

Friends are family

There is a reason it's called faith

People are going to say the wrong thing

There is no right thing

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and you are entitled to think their opinion stinks

Don't hold grudges...the people you are holding them against either don't know better or are better not knowing

It is always okay to cry

Sometimes, it is much easier to cry alone than to have to explain why you are crying

Laughter really is the best medicine

It's okay to find something to laugh about even in the worst times

Doctors know a lot, but not everything

Most days, you have a choice to be happy or don't always have to choose happy

Joy comes in the most unexpected places

It's okay to be mad at God and to feel like He is your only hope at the same time

People will surprise you in good ways

Escapism is a crucial part of healing

Looking bad never helps anything

Knowledge is power, but the person on the internet with the situation like yours is not you, your husband, or your child

Some things just aren't going to make sense

You can't explain the whys and hows of peace

Always trust your instincts, but be smart enough to know they can be tampered with

Stopping at any given moment to put your hand on your belly to feel the baby move is always okay

It's okay to take a page from Scarlett O'Hara and not think about it right now

The world is going to seem like a scary or wonderful place depending on your is both

There will be times when you feel doomed

It's okay to be tired...mentally, physically, and emotionally

There are times when things seem like they will never get better

They will

There is more good than bad

Savor the good

Communication is key, but so is a night on the couch with a funny movie and a pizza

The greatest of these really is love

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  1. Anne - I am so happy for you and Parke and your sweet baby girl...much, much love,