Friday, July 15, 2011

Oh Joy!

Last night as I climbed in the bed after a long day, I put my hand on my belly and had a moment of just pure joy (I guess these mood swings can go either way).  I was thinking about my day: my first prenatal yoga class, what I accomplished at work, the good friends I spoke to for the first time in weeks, the happy conversation I had with my mom on the way home, the comforting sounds of my husband and dog playing downstairs, the little jumping bean in my stomach, and that angel I feel with me wherever I go.

I also had a very vivid memory of lying in this same bed almost eight months ago: hand on an empty belly, quiet house, eyes so swollen I could hardly see, the thought of ever getting up again seeming like the hardest thing in the world...wondering if joy would ever find me again.

So it's not that I have forgotten the pain and the sadness or the fear of the unknown, it is just that I have learned that when you have those moments of pure joy you enjoy Every. Single. Minute.

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  1. Anne - Im overjoyed for you and Parke. I can just FEEL how happy you are from this. I am truly so very happy for you being happy =)!