Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Confession and a Vow

Wow, three posts in one day...even I am sick of me.

I have a confession to make.  Instead of enjoying this day, the day after we found out that we are having a beautiful little girl, I have spent all of my free time googling every single thing that could possibly be wrong with her.  Several times, I have worked myself up into such a panic I almost (almost) could not eat my lunch.

So here is my vow...I will no longer be doing anything except for concentrating on all of the wonderful, exciting, miraculous things about this pregnancy and my daughter.  Furthermore, if I do even one more search about something that is not wonderful, exciting, and miraculous, I will have to confess to it on this blog.  I am hoping that the humiliating prospect of having to do that fifty times a day will be enough to dissuade me all together.

I claim to have faith that baby is going to be fine, so my actions need to speak at least as loud as my words. I can either spend the next six months worrying or I can spend them fat and happy.  I am hoping my pride alone will keep me fat and happy.

So I have confessed, I have vowed, and let's all hope this is the last we hear of it.


  1. A friend with a scary mid-pregnancy diagnosis told me that she could find whatever she wanted to find via Google - encouragement when she was feeling optimistic and scary prognosis predictions when she was already terrified. I wanted so badly to steal her iPhone on bad days!

    I can't imagine how this feels for you, but I'm praying that you feel the peace that passes all understanding and it carries you through. Philippians 4:6-7 on an index card placed directly in my gaze at work may have been the sole reason I got through pregnancy with my anxiety-prone tendencies on pause. Praying for you and little GLH both.

    I hope the promise to confess publicly does keep you "clean," but be sure to post when you're tempted and DON'T succumb... Surely that's worthy of a cupcake or two for you and Gracie? Might as well pat yourself on the back when you can!

    And, to conclude this essay of a comment, YAYYYY for your fabulous baby girl news! You already know she's got killer legs - and a fabulous name, to boot. Congratulations!

  2. Thank you so much, Anne. Your comments are always just what I need to hear :)