Monday, June 6, 2011

Home is where the heart is?

A couple of months ago, we put out house on the market.  Our house is a home we planned to be in for a couple of years before the economy went bust and now a two year home has turned into a five year home.
Moving is something we always intended to do...but recently I've been wondering about the emotions behind this decision.
I've written a lot about how comforting it was to come home after we lost Rip, and how much being able to go into his nursery has helped me.
Even though Rip was never physically in this house, his memory is everywhere.
If we move will he still be in the new house?
On the other hand, I hope to have more children.  I left this house pregnant with Rip, thinking I was coming home with my baby...and then I didn't.  I don't know if I could leave the same house, pregnant with another baby, and truly believe that child was coming home with me.
Like everything else, there are so many mixed emotions.  My hope is that home really is where the heart is, because I know that's one place where Rip will always live.

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