Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Good Investment

I was talking to one of my best friends the other day, and she mentioned that Parke has certainly turned out to be  "a good investment".  I laughed about it at the time, I guess investing is really not the way I think of it...but she is right.

I started this blog shortly after our wedding but did not write a single post until I got pregnant with Rip.  I knew I wanted to call it "Won't I Be Surprised When...", but when I got to the About Me section, I couldn't think of a thing to I said, "I am constantly surprised by what one can survive, usually pleasantly".  I look at that now and think, "You little fool, what the heck did you know about surviving?"

I went in to my marriage thinking it would last forever, who doesn't?  But if you told me then what would happen three years later, I honestly don't know that I would have done.  I married Parke because he was the best person I knew, loyal and kind and great sense of humor...a good investment.

And then we lost Rip.  I remember when my mom had to leave me to go back home, she said " I could never have left you if Parke was not who he is".  It was not because he was loyal and kind and had a great sense of was because he came and crawled in the bed with me when I could not get out of it, it was because he held my hand through the entire funeral, it was because he told me never to be afraid to talk about Rip.

So I feel I can say now, I am constantly surprised by what one can survive, usually pleasantly.  Parke and I have survived.  I am not saying it has been or from this point on it will be easy...but for a little fool, I made a darn good investment.


  1. I read your every post, but I rarely comment because I feel like I have so little to contribute here. However, as someone reading this post from the "other" side of making such an investment, I want to tell you again how much I value your honesty and openness. You are more inspiring than you know!

  2. What a good mama you have, to recognize and remind you of the tremendous "investment" you have in your husband. As a mom yourself, you know how relieved she must feel seeing how taken care of you are by him.

    I hope Parke reads this and sees how much he shapes your life; I know I probably don't tell Bradley enough what a great investment he is. So thankful for wonderful husbands - and for your honesty and gracious humor, as always!