Monday, May 16, 2011

Chapter Two

When I was in the hospital on bedrest, someone gave me a little journal with bible verses on each page.  While I was there, I used it to record what I ate (grilled cheese ice cream, grilled cheese, chocolate pudding), and who visited me each day.  It was the way I planned to remember my hospital and good friends.

After Rip died, I had this little book and no idea what to do with it, it felt wrong to abandon it, just leave it unfinished after all of the memories I'd poured into the pages of those five weeks.

So I started using it as a prayer journal, every single day since the week Rip died, I've written my prayers in this little book.  This Saturday I came to the last page.  It was bittersweet...I have poured the very worst times of my life into that book...and yet there is a lot of happiness in there too.  To me, it represents a beginning, an ending, and then beginning all over again.  I look back through it and see that through everything, there was always hope, that I was never left alone, by God, by my family, or by my friends.

So...on to Chapter Two...and whatever (or, hopefully, whomever) it may bring!

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