Friday, November 30, 2012

Not to Worry...

I haven't forgotten about the whole 30 days of thankfulness true Anne fashion, I've just procrastinated until the last possible minute. 

The good news is the last possible minute is usually when I do my best work.  So where did I leave off?  Day 7?  Twenty-three things I am thankful for, coming right up!

8. My bed.  There is nothing like sinking into a warm, soft bed at the end of the day...particularly one that you have been sleeping in so long that it is all "Anne-shaped" on one side.

9. Sweet Tea.  Seriously, what does the rest of the country drink?

10. Old Friends.  There is something about being born, going to college, and raising your kids in the same state.  Some people may consider that to be sad, uncultured even...but I consider it lucky.  I have friends who have known me at my best and my worst and even before anyone clued me into eyebrow waxing, and they love me anyway.

11. New Friends.  I never understood why some had to be silver and some gold (all former Brownies will know what I am talking about).  The new friends I have made, especially since Rip died, are all platinum to me.

12. Family.  I've got a good one.  The one we've created, my husband's, the one who raised me...just good.  'Nuff said.

13. The smell of Christmas Tree.  I found THE BEST candle while shopping on Black Friday, it smells just like a Frasier Fir and makes me so happy.  It's the little things.

14. Christmas in general.  This year is fun for us.  I am beyond thankful for that.

15. Black Friday shopping.  It's a tradition my mom and I have been doing for our birthdays since I was about ten. I know that everyone carries on about the lines and why and blah blah blah...but I have a cute new peplum top and a really good smelling you?

16. My faith.  Because honestly, this girl, wouldn't be here today without it.

17. Days of renewed faith.  Today I went back and read "Sounds of Sunshine", my first Gracie blog post.  I called "her" her when I was 11 weeks pregnant.  Sometimes it takes my going back and reading something to see just how much God has been there all along.  And I need reminding.

18. Anniversaries.  Parke and my five year anniversary is this Saturday.  We have been together for 13 years.  Thankful for the Parke-shaped spot on the other side of my bed.

19. Picking Gracie up from school.  She gets the biggest smile on her face and starts wildly waving her arms and legs, it's like her whole body lights up.  Best. Thing. Ever.

20. Grey's Anatomy.  I love it.  I can't explain why, but I do.  Don't judge.

21. Exercise.  I just (like this week) started doing it again.  I used to be a runner and I miss that runner's high, feeling strong thing.  For me, physical strength helps with mental strength...and who couldn't use more of that? Hopefully it will become more of a regular routine.

22. Treats.  Just the word is exciting.  Who wants a treat?  Who doesn't??!!

23. Family Boots.  These are the boots that my mom, sister, and I all bought two years ago and thus dubbed the "family boots".  They are camel colored and I wear them almost everyday with everything.  They rock.

24. Good books.  Recently I've slipped back into my old routine of reading every night before bed.  Few things make me happier than being in the middle of a good book.  I will walk around all day feeling like something exciting is happening before I remember it is actually happening to the characters in my book, and then I can't wait to get back to them (Hi, my name is Anne...I am a dork).

25. Our new house.  I love the neighborhood we are in now, and I've got big plans for the house.  Much to Parke's horror, these plans include turquoise interior doors. 

26. The ocean.  Because it heals all things.

27. Signs.  In particular the number eleven and rainbows.

28. Big Bows. On my child's head.  Even if they only stay there for five minutes.

29. The fact that Gracie's fist word was "kitty-cat".  And that she uses it indiscriminately, so that at any given time the dog, Parke, or I can all be a kitty-cat.  Again, it's the little things.

30. And lastly, and perhaps unexpectedly, I am thankful for this lady who, by royally screwing up a priceless painting, gave my friend and I a good old fashioned belly laugh when we really needed it.  Probably not the nicest thing to be thankful for, but there you have it.

Happy belated Thanksgiving, everybody!

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