Thursday, April 19, 2012

Really Sucky Visit stands for Respitory Syncytial Virus, and it is apparently what Gracie has..and what it amounted to today was a really sucky visit to the doctor.

I realize it is really common virus, and tons of babies get it every year with little or no complications.  But, and there is always a but..

I had to sit in the office today and listen to the "ifs"...if Gracie started having trouble breathing...if she retracting her lungs...if she had to go to the hospital...if she had to be put on oxygen

And when you have lived all of those things, the ifs have a sneaky way of becoming whens in your mind.

Gracie IS NOT Rip.  I know that, I really and truly do.  But it is still so scary.

So a little prayer request for no more RSV...really sucky visits or otherwise. 


  1. RSV is a fear of mine, too. We took B on an airplane and I'm nervous still about the exposure despite covering him up completely. Parenting with that heavy grief in our heads and hearts is so hard!

  2. Oh NO!! Poor baby, and mama. Hopefully she'll be feeling better soon! Sending prayers your way.