Monday, April 16, 2012

Laugh it Up

I've done everything up to and including standing on my head to try to get Gracie to laugh.  Somewhere along the way a friend told me that her child laughed around 14 weeks, so for the past two weeks poor kid has had my face in hers almost constantly.

One baby we knew got a real kick out of the dog barking. Poor old Dock was having none of it when I tried to get him howling...finally after about five minutes of me yipping and yapping like an idiot, Gracie gave me a little half smile of pity, probably wondering if she should try to seek help.

Someone else sent me a video of a baby laughing his head off at his mama after she sneezed...after thirty fake sneezes I was so dizzy I could hardly see straight and Gracie was covered in spit.  Not even a smile on that one.

Everyone saw the baby who got tickled over his dad ripping up the rejection letter.  When I tried it the noise scared Gracie and I got a paper cut.

And then last night, it finally happened.  Parke walked in the door and she squealed.  And then chuckled.  And then full out froggy belly LAUGHED.  And then we laughed, which made her laugh even harder, and soon we all had tears coming down our faces from laughing.  It was the best sound I have ever heard in my life.

When all the hilarity finally calmed down, I asked Parke, "wait, what did you do?"

So, So Typical.

Oh well! I am still the proud mama of a laughing baby!


  1. ahhh Anne, this is the sweetest!! I love watching you as a mom.

  2. I TOLD you it was the best sound!! I will NEVER forget Lilli's first laugh (fake sneezes did the trick). Soak it up sister!!

  3. I LOVE this!!!! So, so sweet! :) I hope Ella and Gracie get to meet soon! :)

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