Saturday, April 21, 2012

So Here We Are

Five days into Gracie's first real illness, I've learned that:

She takes after her mother in two ways-
1) Her eyes are the most pitiful things in the world when she is sick, they resemble weeping red hots
2) Lack of appetite my foot, girl likes her comfort food (even if it just comes right back up)

She does NOT take after her mother in that she is the world's best patient...hacking cough, weepy eyes, runny nose, and other less pleasant symptoms and she still has a perma-gummy grin...UNLESS...

Forget what pyschology says about object permanence, the only time the child is not smiling is when she spots a nasal syringe...she knows good and well where it is, who had it, and she holds a grudge.

I wish I could say that I've been as well behaved as my brave girl, but to be honest I've been a wreck.  I am just no good at this sick kid stuff.  Poor girl hasn't woken up once over the past 48 hours without my big head hovering over hers and Parke has been called in multiple times a night to listen to her breathe (I've set up camp by the crib). 

The doctors have all assured me that she is doing very well (multiple times...pretty sure I've earned myself red flag sticky note on the charts, some things never change).  And I believe them...most of the time. 

So here we are, Gracie is still sick but handling it beautifully.    Clearly, she gets a lot of her personality from her father.
Pull it together Mama, geeze


  1. I know exactly how you feel. I panic whenever the girls get sick. I hope Grace feels well soon and gives her momma a break!

  2. She is just so beautiful...even with RSV, poor girl. Luke is always such a trooper when sick too. Amazes me that they are so amazing...praying for her to feel better and you to have some peace!!!

  3. get well soon, sweet girl!! and hang in there, mama! xoxo