Thursday, April 19, 2012

Crazy Girl

This morning has been One of Those Mornings.  Gracie has her first official daycare cold and yes, I know she is building her immune system and blah blah blah, but leaving her when she is sick is my least favorite thing about being a working mother.  Thankfully, my mother-in-law volunteered to watch her for the day, but being up all night suctioning and wiping and rocking left even more mentally drained than usual this morning.

So, by the time I got in the car and realized that what had formally been 75 and sunny was now 59 and raining, I just didn't care.  Yes, I was soaked and freezing, but oh well.  And then when I looked around for my umbrella and had a flashback of me, in a post-partum hormonal cleaning frenzy, chunking it out the back door, again I thought ah well, I won't melt.  But, when I looked in the back seat and my eyes were met with other eyes, piercing green eyes that were most certainly NOT supposed to be in the back of my car, I freaked.  Tired, wet, freezing...fine.  Hallucinating...we have a problem.

Thankfully, I didn't fall down the rabbit hole just yet.  The cat evidently decided hitching a ride to work sounded like a good idea.  Once I stopped screaming, screeched back home, and dropped her rear off,  I had to laugh.

You know how after you lose a loved one, people will always say, very sentimentally, "they are looking down on you from Heaven now".

Well, if that's true, I can only hope Rip gets a laugh or two out of his mother being a crazy girl...and maybe adds a little extra emphasis on the  guardian part of angel on his little sister's behalf.

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