Sunday, March 25, 2012

I Hope I Can

There are so many stories like ours out many stories where a family has lost a child.  Every time I hear one all I can think is that I wish there was something I could do to help.

There are also so many stories like ours out many stories where prayers have been answered, where miracle babies are given.  Every time I hear one of the sad stories my prayer for the family is that they will have hope, that as hard as it may be, they will have faith.

I started writing everything down after Rip died...on this blog, in journals...and now I am wondering if maybe there was a reason. 

I've decided to try to put all of my experiences together into a book, one that will hopefully help other people in my situation.

Even as I type those words, the little voice in my head says that I can't do it...that I am no writer, that nobody will ever want to read it...but I am going to try my best to drown out that voice.  Because I believe if one person can be helped by our story then it will be worth it, because I truly believe that good can come out of the very has to.

I hope I can, I hope I can.


  1. Whoohoo! Fantastic idea Anne! Maybe you can call up your old publisher friends from mt. P ;)

  2. Write it! I'll be first in line. There's no one better to tell Rip's story than his mama, and what a gift it'll be for Gracie to know so much about her brother one day.

  3. You ARE a writer and you always have been!!!! So proud of you for hearing that little voice!!