Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Week in Pictures

Daddy didn't like this outfit because he said it was "too mature"...I didn't like it because it squeezed the fool out of my tummy

Watching the 'Heels play with Daddy...I was happier than he was

Headed to some St. Patty's Day festivities with Mama...she insists on sticking these darn bows in my hair everywhere I go

I LOVE visiting with my friends on my play mat, I tell them all of my secrets

My mama could just eat this little leg with a spoon

I keep telling you, these people are CRAZY

My first trip to Pitt Street Mama and my new friend Peyton seemed awfully enthusiastic but I am not so easily impressed

First trip to the beach! Mama and I went alone so the photography leaves something to be desired but I am a beach babe in the making
What do you mean I can't have everything I want?

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