Monday, February 25, 2013

When God says "Girl, Please"

I hit a low Saturday night.

In my defense, I was recovering from the stomach bug...
An aside here...before I got pregnant with Rip, I was on a solid 19 year streak without a single stomach ailment.  Ever seen that episode of Seinfeld?  Yeah, that was I've had five in the past two years.  My, how the mighty have fallen.  I digress...
It had been raining for 72 hours solid, and some other things that fall under the category of "not fit for internet consumption" were going on.

I was sick, weepy, and I'd had it with the whole world.

By Sunday, the sun was up and my head was out of the toilet, unfortunately my attitude stayed where my head previously resided.

I ventured out into the world, crappy attitude and crying toddler in tow, to the grocery store.  Keeping Gracie happy and my list checked off distracted me enough to have a little clearer mind when I got back in the car.

What came to that clearer mind went something like this..."So what if life isn't going exactly how you planned?  So what if "things not fit for internet consumption" aren't going exactly the way you want them to?  Are you going to have a miserable life because of it?  Is that what you want Gracie to see?  A mom who droops around all of the time because life is hard? Here is how this is gonna go down..You CAN be Happy and You WILL be Happy."

I'm not sure if that voice of reason came from things I have learned over the years, or maybe it was my mom (who is known to give some pretty sassy advice)...but I think it was probably just God saying "Girl, please".

When we got home, I opened the doors and windows and turned the music on as loud as I could.

The first song that came on shuffle was Van Morrison's "Full Force Gale"

"Like a full force gale
I was lifted up again
I was lifted up again by the Lord"

When God says "Girl, please" you best listen.  I CAN be happy, and I darn well WILL be happy.

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