Monday, February 4, 2013

I saw the sign

I have been in several situations lately where people were talking about baby sign language.

This is not something that we have done with Gracie, mainly because it's not something they do at her school and it didn't really occur to me to try it out at home.  I think as a mom, and maybe especially a working mom, you are always slightly on edge about something other children may be doing that your child is just for curiosity's sake I checked out the top ten most common baby signs.

The first grouping listed was for Mommy, Daddy, and family pets.  Gracie has this one down...sort of. She will forcefully say "DOG" or "KITTY CAT" when said pet walks into the room, but does not yet say Mama or Daddy.  She prefers to holler at whomever she wants until that parent turns around and then she demands to be picked up.  Probably not the sign they were talking about, but effective nonetheless.

The second group was for food.  Milk, Food, More, and All Done.  Gracie has recently learned to shake her head yes and no.  Let's just say that leaves little to the imagination as to what she does and does not want.  She also knows where certain foods are kept.  Bananas on top of the fridge....annnddd her cookies in a drawer near the sink.  A lot of grunting and pointing and rocking whomever is holding her towards to the direction of the food she wants usually results in the appropriate snack (and I promise it is most often a banana).  As for more, the indignant look on her face when the last piece of cheese toast is gone is a pretty good indication that more food is required.  And for all done...the resounding sound of a sippy cup hitting the floor and exploding gets the point across pretty well.

The final group was experiences and feelings.  The first being a dirty diaper.  Let's just say I've never really felt we needed a sign for this one.  The second is book.  Gracie LOVES books.  She especially loves books about kitty cats.  She will let you know she would like to read books about kitty cats by hurling the book at you and shouting "KITTY CAT!" at the top of her lungs.

The final sign listed was I love you.  Again, we have no formal sign from Gracie that says she loves us...but lately she will crawl into our laps and wrap her little arms around our necks and bury her head into ours and just leave it there for a while.  Message received.

So this is one mommy guilt-trip where I'm going to let myself off the hook.   I saw the sign.


  1. I stay home full time and we don't use a single sign. ;)

    1. Ha! Thank you, glad to know I'm not the only one using context cues ;)

  2. same here...working fom home, I often wonder if I should have been practing the signs...but walker gets his point across just fine! i think any way you learn to communicate with your baby is a special language and uniquely different from those who use universal sign language...although sometimes I do think it might be cool to see walker sign, I think I'd be concerned for myself as a mom if I were waiting for my child to sign to me about having a dirty diaper. shouldnt you just be checking that pretty regularly? :)

    1. Ha! I know. Also, I myself don't know how to sign, so Gracie could be waiting a while on that change if it was something she was learning at school. I am kind of relieved!