Friday, December 7, 2012

Enough...Enough Now

My very favorite holiday movie is Love Actually, I try to watch it at least once every year.  For some reason the part where the character Mark is walking away from Keira Knightley's character, after sharing one longed for kiss and realizing he has to let his love for her go, and says "Enough...enough now" always brings tears to my eyes.

It's such a universal human emotion, coming to terms with what we cannot have, learning to live with what is.

This week has been one thing after the other, cars in the shop, plans unfulfilled, Christmas not coming (at least in the form of a tree or presents in our house yet), and some downright low spirits.

And then yesterday, a dear friend getting some devastating news.

Earlier in the week (when I was still on a holiday high, unaware of what the week may hold), my daily devotional gave instructions on what to do in dark times, I was to say out loud "God's presence is in this."

And so I do, even when saying it may feel like strangling on razor blades.

I do, even when it feels like my body is dragging through quicksand all the while.
I do, even when I question how it could possibly be so.

I do, because it has to be enough...enough now.


  1. That part always makes me cry, too! And that is my absolute favourite Xmas movie.

  2. Love Actually is also my favorite holiday movie!!! my husband gets so tired of my "tradition" of watching it over and over during the holidays...and shedding lots of tears. He usually leaves me to "my time" if he so much as hears the opening music. :) Awesome post.