Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Night That You Were Born

When I was younger, every night before my birthday my Daddy (your Pop) would tell me the story of my birth and now I will do the same for you, Gracie Lou...

You were scheduled to be born on December 29th, but I knew all along that you wouldn't miss the chance to be here by Christmas.  Even so, when the doctor called late at night on December 21st and told your daddy and me to get to the hospital the next day because you were going to be born, I couldn't even finish my spaghetti...and that is really saying something.  I was SO excited and nervous because we had waited so long for you.

Finally, finally, finally, at 2:20 pm on December 22nd, 2011 we got to meet you for the very first time. Gracie Lou, one day you will grow up and have your own babies and know what that moment is like...the moment your world changes forever and you know that you will never be the same.  Your Daddy and I just stared and stared at you.  Then they told us not to worry, they had to take you away to get you all checked out and we wouldn't be able to hear you for a while.  Well, the were wrong about that! We heard you all right, and probably the whole hospital did too.  You have never liked being taken away from "your people".

Later, when everybody was gone and Daddy was sleeping in his very uncomfortable hospital chair/bed, I just sat and memorized every little thing about you.  You were so tiny and had the most perfect little rosebud lips. I could not believe that I was lucky enough to be your Mama. You have taught us so much this year Gracie, and it all started on the night that you were born. 

Together at last!

One Happy Daddy!

If only I could figure out how to move my hands, this thing would be outta here

Do I LOOK like I am enjoying this?


What is it with these people and rabbits?

Ready for my close-up

Baby Punk

Woot Woot in my Bathing Suit!

Quack Attack

 Whatdya mean no cookies for breakfast?

This be my Daddy

 Vaguely Terrifying

Love him so so much

Hurry Mama! It's cake!!

Okay, what's the big idea?

I'm cute and I know it

 My peeps.  They're pretty good.


  1. Oh my! She was born on the first day of winter! How exciting... of course it's also the "shortest" day of the year being winter solstice, but as long as you can have cake, right?

    Happy early birthday, Grace!

  2. oh, this is good. happy, happy birthday, gracie girl! you are so loved.

  3. Can hardly wait to get my hands on you, the most fabulous girl in the whole world. This time last year we just didn't know we had a little girl sized spot in our family that could only be filled by you. Lucky us. Now we do.