Tuesday, April 23, 2013

You Are Here

You know in the movies, when someone is about to have a dream sequence and all of those wavy lines come across the screen and you know whatever they are thinking about is no longer based in reality?  I tend to do that a lot these days, and unfortunately for me, I tend to be imagining the worst case scenarios.

As I mentioned last week, Gracie has been sick.  We are pretty sure she has seasonal allergies, we know she has ear infections, and then to top it off last week she got a rash all over her body...from what, is anybody's guess.  So we were at our 5 millionth (and this really doesn't seem like an exaggeration) visit to our wonderful pediatrician's office and he is writing us prescriptions for inhalers and referring us to allergists when I go off into my wavy land of panic, envisioning horrible scenes where Gracie won't be able to breathe and I won't be around or where she will be too sick to go out side when...


Wavy land of panic is interrupted by a robust toddler with her pot bellied stomach sticking over her diaper scraping the only movable chair in the room across the floor.  After which, she decides it will be a good idea to run over, pop the doctor on the fanny, giggle and run back behind her mama.  Repeat.

And that's when I realized-You Are Here.  Thank goodness, we are here.  We will figure out what is causing A, B, and C...and deal accordingly, but we are not in wavy panic land.  We are here, with a healthy baby with allergies.  Sometimes it takes a good smack in the rear to remind me of that...let's just hope next time it's mine.

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