Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Red or White

The Scene:

On one of the first beautiful days of Spring, Mother decides to take Baby to the Farmer's Market, a mere block from the house.  Baby rides in new push car device, seen here... 

Mother and Baby look much like mother and baby in photo.  Baby loves new toy.
While at Farmer's Market, Baby gets rather full of herself, rams out of the car and busts around with newly formed walking skills, occasionally sticking her finger in other babies' eyes (Baby has also recently learned parts of the body).  After a few dirty looks from other mothers, the Mother decides to load Baby back in new push car device and head home.
Baby decides she hates, actually despises, riding in push car device and bends her body completely in half while issuing several bloodcurdling screams.  The mother is very hot.  The Baby takes off with push car before skidding across cement.  More screaming.  The Mother grabs Baby and car and starts for home.  The mother is perspiring heavily.  
The Baby decides she would like to try her hand at pushing the car again and begins wriggling like small but determined eel.  The Mother could lie down on the sidewalk.
Mother and Baby struggle to the end of the street, when rounding the corner comes Father.  Baby shouts joyfully.  Mother hands over Baby and push car device.  Baby happily allows herself to be settled into car device.  Mother mumbles under breath.
Mother, Father, and Baby reach home.  Never a fool, Baby takes Mother's hand and kisses it several times, rubbing her cheek against it.  As further act of rebellion, Baby has taken to calling the Mother "Dada".  Baby kisses "Dada" again, very sweetly.
"Dada" has one question- Red or White?

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