Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Simple Joy

I love Easter.

The whole day...everyone going to church, the pretty new dresses, the stuffing your face with ham and potato salad (maybe this is just me), the egg hunts, the candy, the azaleas in bloom...it just makes me happy.

Three years ago (how has it possibly been three years??), I found out that I was pregnant with Rip on Easter weekend.

Two years ago, I found out that we were expecting Gracie.

Here is a sample of what I did this year...

(Forgive the grainy video...I think the general cuteness still comes through.  That's my dad-Gracie's Pop-helping out, and her Uncle Will taking the video...and my Southern twang calling for the camera)

I say and show this because I think we had the best Easter yet.  It was just full of joy, simple joy.

There are lots of people I know right now going through hard times, times of uncertainty and pain and sorrow.  And when you in the middle of one of those times it seems like things are never, ever going to be simple again.

And then, one day, they are.  

Happy Easter. 


  1. She is the absolute cutest thing, Anne. What a happy, bittersweet anniversary Easter must be for y'all. Squeeze those sweet cheeks for me!