Thursday, March 14, 2013

Nights of Crinkling Dipes

Gracie has been sick for the past few days (somebody please tell me this immunity thing is going to kick in soon!)

Because I am now neurotic by nature and nurture, I always come to the come to the conclusion that something is terribly wrong any time she cries out in the middle of the night.

This has resulted in several nights of Gracie and me setting up camp in the guest bedroom, my body wedged into a "V" in case my strategically placed pillows missed a spot and, God forbid, I should fall asleep and she could roll off the bed.  Really, there is no need to worry as the mama is not getting a lot of sleep in this scenario.

Last night, as I lay there with a footy pajama-ed foot slung across my face, thinking about all of the things nobody should think about at 3 am, Gracie rolled over.

It was the crinkling noise her diaper made that did it.  It's just such a comforting sound for some reason. I looked over at her tiny little body, all compact in her bright rainbow pajamas, and the THERENESS of her got me good.  All snugged up, safe and sound.

There will be a day when she doesn't need me to wind my body into a "V" to protect her.  There will be a day when she knows I can't make it all better.  But in these nights of crinkling dipes, where we need each other, that's the good stuff.

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