Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oh Happy Day!

Lawdamercy! I can breath again!!

After 21 days of feeling like my head was going to bust wide open every time I bent over, the wretchedness has passed.  My apologies go out to anybody who crossed my path over the last three weeks.  I know I tried to throw everyone off with the whole putting on a happy face deal last week, but I am completely aware that I have been a real pain in the you know where to deal with these past three weeks.

Whew! Good thing I am such a joy to be around the rest of the time.  (Ha. Ha. Ha.)

Other things making me smile today...

-Starbucks hot chocolate in a festive holiday cup

-The fact that it is almost time to legitimately listen to holiday music (what I consider the legitimate time to listen to holiday music is probably about a month sooner than most of the listening public, but c'mon people, it's the most wonderful time of the year for a reason)

- This kid, who is celebrating "Spirit" week at school.  Honestly.  Today is "Wild and Wacky" day (hence the crazy tights etc.) Tomorrow she has to be a farmer.  I am trying to decide if I can scrape her hair back into teeny tiny pigtails.

She's Wacky, She's Wild!

- Halloween.  Last night we carved our pumpkins.  Correction- Parke carved our pumpkins and Gracie and I watched.  Gracie is having a "Halloween party" tonight (i.e. Some of our friends in the neighborhood are bringing their babies over so we can take pictures of the kids in their costumes, hopefully before one or all of them has a meltdown).  This time last year, while I was full of Gracie and hope, I still wasn't sure I was ever going to be able to take part in the magic of having kids at the holidays...this year I am taking full advantage.

SUPER BABY (and Daddy)

- The cooler weather.  Normally, I am a tan-loving, beach-going girl.  But this year I didn't get much beach time in (for a well worth it reason), so this sweater weather goes much better with my vaguely green complexion.  Also, wind blown = rosy cheeks= homemade blush.

- Did I mention that I feel better? Seriously, I am a terrible sick person.  It makes me weepy, and I hate being weepy.  Just glad to feel like pale, tacky child toting, holiday lovin' me again.

Oh Happy Day!

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