Monday, August 20, 2012

Who Ya Gonna Call

Gracie had her first "play date" yesterday aaannnndddd I think there are a few things we might need to work on.  Miss Priss is... I don't know if "prissy" is the right word.

Okay, so admittedly, I am the one who dressed her in ruffles and a pink bow.  But everything that happened after that was, well...

Let's put it this way, at one point one of the two adorable little boys tried to climb over and get close to Gracie, who very dramatically fell flat on all fours, knocking her bow out of her head and rising up like some sort of deranged Stay-Puft Marshmallow from the Ghostbusters movie.  She squalled around like that until I picked her up and comforted her, although clearly she was just fine. Later, when the same sweet child tried to love on her again, she literally tried to Heisman him to the floor.

We keep this behavior up...the answer to "who ya gonna call" is not often going to be this kid!


  1. So she's a little dramatic....LOL

  2. such a spunky girl! i can tell just by the look on her sweet face. i want to meet her so badly!!