Friday, September 24, 2010

Red in the Face

One of my newest pregnancy symptoms seems to be an extreme tendency to blush at inappropriate times, namely at work.

My job is for all intents and purposes as a secretary, and I have been busting my behind for the past 2+ years to show that I can do much more than make copies and answer phones. I think all of my hard work is a bust now that I now have the world's worst tendency to get hot and flustered at the drop of a hat. One minute I am fine and the next I am in the middle of explaining something to someone "superior" to me and my whole body goes hot and gets beet red and my eyes feel like they are going to explode.

It's not even the kind of blush you can kind of wave away and pretend like you are just having a little hot flash, it's like the kind of blush where your eyes are watering and wooshing sounds start in your ears. I look like a COMPLETE fool. And of course then the person says, "Ooooh, have I embarrassed you?" or just looks at me like I have lost my mind, at which point I really do get embarrassed and turn a nice shade of puce.

I know in the grand scheme of things this is not a big deal, but good lord, it's really hard to get people to take you seriously when you look like a fat, red sweaty tomato. Not exactly the image I was going for...

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