Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My best friend's third cousin's dog is dead...or why I now listen to country music

This whole vasa previa diagnosis has been a pretty traumatic event in my life. Even though I know it is highly unlikely now that we know about it, I still have a tendency to feel like something terrible is going to happen at any moment. I spend hours lying around with my shirt up watching for signs of movement, and heaven help the kid if he doesn't jump to it, because my next step is drinking ice cold water to get him hopping...or eating something spicy, which usually just results in giving him the hiccups. I usually try this around 2:00 am when I can't sleep. I am definitely not winning mother of the year.

Anyway, one of the many ways I have found to distract myself from the whole business is by listening to country music. I went through I country music stage in high school, even attending a Country Music "Fest" at one point, but have generally moved away from it since then. Until now. I tell you what, if you are going through something in your life, just tune in to the local country music station. These people have it BAD. Their moms, cousins, girlfriends, or cats are all dead. They have no jobs, no money, and no choice but to drink mass amounts of tequila. Despite it all they are quite proud of their cars, yards, and the US of A. They also display an impressive faith in God. All in all, these people are on to something.

So, realizing that I am just going to be a nervous wreck until I have this baby in my arms, in the meantime I thought I would let you know I am getting quite a lot of comfort from my new musical genre. I mean, at least my best friend's dog did not run off with my husband and I'm not drowning myself in "straight tequila night"s...right?

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