Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Day 32

Social Media these days is a real joy (insert sarcasm here)

A typical exchange may go something like this:

*Person A post video of nondescript doctor saying COVID-19 is all a hoax or something to that effect.

Person B: That's what I've been saying all along! A HOAX I TELL YOU

Person C: I think this guy is a chiropractor, you may want to do some research

Person A: Thanks for your concern, NANCY! I did do my research, that's why I posted the video

Person D: If you are so sure he's right, why don't you go outside-maybe you'll catch it

Person E: I don't know. what's. happen-ing

The video can also say we are all going to die, or anything in between...doesn't really matter.

 Amazingly, not one person I've spoken to in real life- and I've probably spoken to more people in the last month on the phone, via the computer or from across the street than I have in a long time- talk like that. Reason number 564880097 to stay off of social media I guess.

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