Friday, January 20, 2017

Little Brown Coconut

I have not been as good at documenting Sam as I was Gracie, mainly because once there was a Sam there was also a Gracie and I didn't have time for much of anything.

That said, lately my baby boy is turning into a big boy and there are things I don't want to forget.

In between fighting like cats and dogs, my boy and my girl really do love each other and it makes my heart happy to see them play. Sam has called his sister "GC" since he could talk but just the other day he started calling her "Wacie" and hasn't turned back- despite my repeated urgings. The artist formerly know as GC finally told me I needed to let it go.

Other recent heartbreakers were when wawee turned into water and Bammy turned into Sammy. I get that a thirty-year-old asking to get in the wawee wouldn't be so cute, but why'd it have to go so fast?

This morning after breakfast as I cleared his plate,  I said, "Why thank you Sammy, it was a pleasure doing business with you. Please come back again some time!"
And he shook his little finger at me and moved his head and said," No, no Mama. You no say dat. You jus say tank you." And waltzed out of the room. Burned by a two-year-old.

Despite his cool exterior, Sammy-boy is still my cuddle bug. He is currently in a little Daddy stage (traitor) but will give full body hugs and big kisses on command.

Current loves are all things Thomas the Train, turtles, Moana, and trolls. He tries to mash his hair to look like a "Wholl" (aka stick straight up) and hollers "Mama you mess my wholl haiw upppp" if I have to touch it for any reason.

With his little silky bowl cut and big brown eyes, I could eat him with a spoon. However, he is not one for nicknames, and will be quick to correct you should you forget.

For instance, "Sammy, you are just a little brown coconut"

(Affonted) "ME not a yitta bloun totanut! ME Sammy Askell Awwis!!"

Sammy Haskell Harris, don't ever change, we could not love you more!

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