Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Birth Story

A young mother tries to stay still, despite the waves of fear and excitement coursing through her body.

The needles and medical instruments all seem much larger than she imagined, but she is not the same girl who started this journey eight months ago and so these things are no longer cause for (much) concern.

She knows that no amount of fried chicken and sweet tea consumed, no number of TLC's A Baby Story watched, no amount of diligent internet scouring has prepared her for this moment-the moment she will meet you, her firstborn.

And she is right. For when that moment comes, when she sees you for the first time, she said is no longer she. She is, and will always be, we.

This story could be almost anybody's, but it is ours, my sweet Rip boy. And while everyone who graces God's green earth has a different ending to their story, your birth story, like many others, is a miracle.