Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Gracie has been asking questions about Heaven lately. She wants to know what it will be like, what it will look like. I tell her is that Heaven is a perfect place, where everyone is happy and nobody is hurting or sick, that Heaven is place of love.

The day after Rip was born, he as able to start breathing “room air” which is a really big deal in the NICU. For the parents, its the first time you are able to really see your baby’s face. The evening after Rip started breathing on his own, Parke wheeled me down to the level II nursery and left me there for a while. I spent at least two hours holding our son.

I had on a black and white robe that I wrapped around him, and he nestled down into it and me. His little fuzzy head felt like the softest feathers against my face. For those two hours,everything else in the world melted away. I snapped a picture and sent it to my parents. The caption read, simply, “Heaven”.

I don’t know what Heaven looks like. I don’t know what our bodies look like when we get there. But I hope and pray, somehow, when I get there that I will have this moment back- that I will get to have this feeling with this boy again.

Happy 5th Birthday, Rip Harris. You will forever be my idea of Heaven


  1. Happy fifth birthday sweet boy. I love this idea of Heaven. I hope I get to hold my son again. <3

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday, sweet RIP! Prayers for you! This one gave me chills....LOVE!!!

  3. Love this post, and love that it was posted at 11:11am. God never wastes a hurt, he is turning this hard time into something beautiful Anne. You will see that baby boy again

  4. Beautiful, Anne. 11:11.

    This poem resonates with me -- thought it might with you, too.

    Patrick Phillips

    It will be the past
    and we'll live there together.

    Not as it was to live
    but as it is remembered.

    It will be the past.
    We'll all go back together.

    Everyone we ever loved,
    and lost, and must remember.

    It will be the past.
    And it will last forever.