Monday, November 2, 2015

Short Hair, She Does Care

After age three got off to an…interesting…start, our girl is finishing it off with a bang. This child keeps me biting the insides of my cheeks daily as she informs me I am “NOT opposed to be laughing at her!”

Easier said than done, though, as she comes up with some real gems.

Car rides are always entertaining:
G-“Mama, I wish Sammy was still a tiny baby”
Me-“Well, sometimes I do, too, but he is fun now isn’t he?”
G-“This is so disappointing”

Me-“Sammy, say MA-MA”
Sammy-“Goo gaa, spit, blurb, goo”
G- “Mama, he CAN’T right now. He’s doing some very IMPORTANT things back here.”

Bath time is equally so:
G-“Mama, can you wash off my baby doll?”
I do, as bubbles come flying out of said baby’s nether regions
G-“Well. I didn’t see THAT coming!”

Deep conversations tend to take unexpected turns:
G-“Mama, how does God have powers?”
Me- (slightly panicked) “Well, God is all-powerul and he created us all…”
G-“Why did he create us?”
Me-“Because he loves us so much, blah blah more words more words”
G-“Well, I wish he’d created me with long hair”

And then sometimes they don’t.
G-“Mama, why do you go to Heaven?”
Me-“Well, that is where you go when your body can’t live here anymore... but you don’t have to worry about that right now”
G- “When you are old?”
Me-“Yes, when you are old”
G-“Is Baby Rip in Heaven?”
G-“What if God wants me to go to Heaven?”
Me-“He doesn’t, baby, not yet. He wants you right here with me.”

Through laughter and tears (and yes, the occasional toddler meltdown that still rears its ugly head) I never forget how this child is the answer to the most gut-wrenching, sincere prayers I’ve ever prayed in my life. She’s the Christmas present that keeps on giving and I love every (much to her dismay, short) hair on her little head.

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