Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Getting what you need

Thank y'all so much for the sweet words and congratulations! They made the pregnancy feel more real,  and hitting the second trimester has helped as well. Now I have that "special pregnant lady" vibe going, whereas before I had that "really nauseous, please don't eat onions within a mile of me" vibe.

Which leads me to the question every pregnant woman asks at some point- who is this little person swimming around inside of me? I know some women prefer to be surprised. I admire those women greatly. I really, really don't like to be surprised (ironic, given the name of this blog, I know).

With both Rip and Gracie, I had such strong feelings about whether they were male or female. I was right with both...this newest addition has me guessing.

Long before I got pregnant, I dreamed of having a daughter. I have a very good relationship with my own mother, and some of my best memories are of special things and days we have had together. I wanted that bond with my own girl one day.

And then I got pregnant with Rip. And man, I changed my tune quickly. Boy mom seemed suddenly the best idea EVER.

When we lost Rip, and I was waiting to get pregnant again, that was where my mind stayed...boy, boy, boy.

Then I got pregnant with Gracie. Turns out, I got the baby girl I'd been waiting for my whole life.

With this baby, my mind says "he". My first instinct was boy, and I have to say that is what I am still leaning towards...but my body says she (please see afore-mentioned "really nauseous, no onions etc"). I was never sick with Rip, very much so with Gracie.

So here is what I know-

If we have a little boy, he will be the best thing that ever happened to us.

If we have a little girl, she will be the best thing that ever happened to us.

Because sometimes you really do get what you need.

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