Friday, June 8, 2012

Let's Hear it for the Boys

I write a lot about my family on this blog, but there are three members that don't get nearly enough shout outs..."the boys" (minus Parke...who will get his own special Father's Day post soon enough) include my Dad (better known as Daddy, or Pop to his granddaughter) and my two brothers, Will and Tee.

I lucked up big time in the Dad department. Picture a mix of Steve Martin a la Father of the Bride with a pinch of Clark Griswold and a dash of Andy Taylor.  If you ever see him running around without a shirt on it is probably because he has literally given someone the shirt off his back.  We don't call him Dudley (as in Do Right) for nothing.  He is a man who loves to breathe salt air and played endless hours of "bucking bronco" with his children, even after a long days work.  Gracie loves her Pop and it will only be a matter of time before she is holding on to his hair and screaming with glee while she rides wildly all over the living room.

"Uncle" Will is what I like to call sneaky sweet.  He spent a majority of our childhood "frogging" me in the arm and racing me to the car for front seat privileges.  While he is still known to throw a sly frog or two, he will also on occasion buy my lunch, load my iPod with "cool" music, drive my pregnant behind to and from Greenville, and compliment his niece.  Sneaky Sweet.  It is common knowledge within my family that one day this brother will be a millionaire and I can only hope he will find a job for his older sister (may I suggest "Fashion Consultant/Wine and Chocolate Taster")

"Uncle" Tee is the good child.  The child that makes the rest of us look bad.  He just finished a stint for Teach for America, is headed to law school in the fall, and has been known to go the soup kitchen in his spare time.  The rest of us pretty much accept the fact that we will never be this good, and it would all be rather annoying if Tee wasn't one of the funniest people I know.  His one liners are legendary. Nice with a good sense of humor...what's not to like? Seeing my 6'8" brother with my teeny tot of a daughter is pretty entertaining, Gracie's face as she looks up (and up) at her Uncle Tee is priceless.

So there you have it, my unsung heroes. Not a bad looking bunch either! Let's hear it for the boys!

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  1. No Dad could be more proud of his duaghter than yours is of you. Great shout out for the boys!