Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ask, Seek, Knock

A couple of weeks ago, when I wrote this post about Baby Grace Frick, I had not met her beautiful Mama, Sarah.  Now I have.

Sarah is me, or was me, eighteen months ago.  Sarah is a mama without a baby.  Sarah misses her girl.  Sarah wants a baby so badly she can hardly breathe.

When I met Sarah I wanted to physically pick her up and carry her through time to that place where she could have a baby in her arms.  Because even though we all know (say it with me now) having a baby does not replace the irreplaceable, that one and only child you miss so much...losing a child does not change that desire to hold your baby in your arms, it only makes it stronger.

So this morning when I got a group email from Sarah with prayer requests, I had a flashback of a doctor's appointment I had with Gracie...one of the many where I left in tears, having heard "one in" or "soft marker" or something else that was just the last straw.  I told Parke that I was going to have every person in the world pray for my baby...I don't know if every person in the world prayed for Gracie but sometimes it felt close.  I believed in those prayers, I believe those prayers delivered my girl safely to my arms...those same arms that were so empty eighteen months before, wondering if they would ever feel full again.

So, here are Sarah's prayer requests.  You can read more about Sarah and Baby Grace here...but please take a minute this morning and pray for Sarah and her husband John.

"Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you."

Sarah's Prayer Requests....

Prayer Requests for the week 
1.) Please pray that John and I's genetic testing comes back with good results (we find out in the next week to few weeks)
2.) Please pray that my body heals quickly and properly so when the time comes we can move forward with conceiving again
3.) Please pray for John and I's hearts to heal and for us to accept God's plan and bigger picture for our lives so we don't live everyday looming in sadness as I know God not Grace wants that for us.
4.) Please pray that John and I are blessed with a healthy baby(s) soon.  The baby after a loss is called a rainbow baby and we want ours to love and hold~


  1. prayed for them. it's such a blessing for you and them, that you can use your experiences to help others.