Monday, May 7, 2012

PB lives up to her name

As I may have mentioned, my family sometimes refers to Gracie as "PB"...Perfect Baby.  I realize this is something we will probably want to cut out before she gets old enough to understand and starts to get a big head, but for now it's pretty handy to just be able to say "I'm going pick up PB, be home in a few!"

Last week, old PB had her four month well baby check.  For some reason, the less clothes she has on the more pleased she gets with herself (another trend we hope to cut out as she gets older).  Anyway, girl was down to her diaper and she was feeling GOOD.  Our doctor, who I just love, stood the baby up on the table and she went to town.

The pot belly stuck out as far as she could get it, the chubby little legs started just a stompin', the tongue came out, followed my some impressive raspberries and then just in case we weren't paying attention, some ear piercing squeals of delight.  The show was concluded with a big, fat drool-filled grin.

Our fabulous doctor, who obviously knows exactly what every mama needs to hear, turned to me and said, " I see babies every day, and it just doesn't get any better that this."

Yep..that's why we call her PB.

Editor's note: Parke does in fact have clothes on here, there's just a perfect baby in the way

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  1. hahahaha "another trend we hope to cut out as she gets older" -- hilarious!!