Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hope blossoms eternal

When we were young, my best friend and I made Disney World out of the big magnolia tree that grew beside my house.  Entreprenuerial little things, I think we even charged our younger brothers a dollar to come sit on various branches we named after the slightly superior destination in Orlando while we shook them around from below.  Our Space Mountain may not have had the technology, but its hard to beat the sweet smell of magnolia blossoms.
Lately, I've been feeling like, to use a horrible expression probably only found in the south, like a chicken with my head cut off.  We get up, get dressed, get Gracie up and dressed, we all go to work and daycare, we get home, eat, get undressed, and go to bed.  Sometimes I feel like I am missing my baby grow, just not taking the time enjoy each day, to enjoy my family the way I should.
Parke left very early this morning to go off-shore fishing, so Gracie and I had the whole day to ourselves.  We love our Daddy, but a good girls day is hard to beat.  We took our time getting out of our pj's, had fun with some never played with toys, read a few books and headed out for a walk.  We weren't far when the sweet smell of magnolia blossoms hit my nose.  I promptly picked one off and stuck it in a vase by our kitchen sink.
You see, this week that same best friend who spent those long days constructing magnolia tree theme parks with me got some scary, life changing news.  I know there have been so many times over this past year that I have wanted to go back to my childhood, those carefree days that I was so lucky to have...I know that she probably feels the same way. 
And while I know all too well there is nothing I can say to fix what she is going through, if there is one thing I wish I could tell her it is that hope will always not only spring but blossom eternal...that you can find something as small as a magnolia flower to put by your kitchen sink and bring back happy memories and give you hope, even for a minute, and it will give you strength to keep on going.
Whether its just day to day life that gets too hard or something much bigger, much scarier, you have to find your hope.

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