Thursday, May 31, 2012

Go Aunt Kit, Go Aunt Kit, Go!

My little sister, our very own Aunt Kit, is graduating from high school tomorrow.  I can't believe it.

Kit was "my" first baby.  Thirteen years younger than me, my summer job for the first three years of her life was to keep my baby sister (and no, this was not a paying job).  And while I am sure I rolled my eyes and stomped my feet about it, we actually had a great time.  I think I left Barney on the television until my parents were out of sight and then teeny Kit and I would prop our feet up with cherry popsicles and watch morning marathons of Blossom.  Probably not the best babysitting skills but well...she's graduating, isn't she?

I had my first taste of motherhood one morning when I was dancing around our dining room table with one-year-old Kit clinging onto my neck and giggling up a storm.  I remember my heart being so full of love and at the same time so afraid something would happen to her that I said a prayer right then and there for God to take care of that Baby Girl...and He has.

Now I get to watch that Baby Girl take care of my Baby Girl and it is so much fun.  Gracie loves her Aunt Kit and so do I. She is one of the few people that can make me laugh so hard that I cry but my little sister is no-nonsense.  Recently, when I was in a fit of post-partum melt-down about something or another (my body, hair, or something equally as trivial) she looked at me very seriously and said, "This is neither the time nor the place to hash those feelings out." Hahaha, she was right, and usually is.  The girl is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the out and if you have ever seen her picture that is REALLY saying something.

We love you Kitty, and we are so so proud of you! Go Aunt Kit, Go Aunt Kit, Go!


The Baby Girl with the Baby Girl

I mean, did YOU look like that in high school?  I sure didn't!

The girls...minus Gracie (who was present in my belly at picture time)

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  1. "Probably not the best babysitting skills but well...she's graduating, isn't she?"

    hahaha. Such a sweet post!