Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What Really Matters

Rip.  Rip's life. The fact that Rip's life changed so many lives. That's what really matters.
This month has been full of a lot of worry and doubt and grief, sometimes I need to pull myself back and think about who and what is important.
Rip obviously changed my life, Parke's life and the lives of our families. But it's more than that.
Over the last 11 months I've received letters and emails from friends, strangers, other mamas who lost their babies, nurses, doctors...all telling me how my little boy changed their lives.
People live years and years and don't have as much impact as my baby did in seven days.
Does that sound like bragging?  It is.
Someday I will get to share all of these wonderful notes and messages with Gracie and I will tell her the story of her brother.  It's a happy story.
Beneath all of the worry and sadness, there is this miracle of a little boy who changed the world for the better.
That is what really matters.

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