Thursday, October 6, 2011

Round and Round She Goes

One year ago today I was put in the hospital on bedrest for 6 weeks.  As I have said, there are equal parts disbelief and even fondness that goes with the memories of that time.  In some way, I really can't believe I sat in a room for 6 weeks...I also can't believe how many friends and family came by during those 6 weeks with anything and everything to keep me entertained.

Even though I am almost thankful for that time now, any anniversary like this can be rough.  My original due date with Rip was 12/19/10...and Gracie's big debut is scheduled for 12/27/11, so in a way I am reliving a lot of Rip's pregnancy.  In some ways, it is so different and I am grateful for those differences.  In other ways, those differences make me sad, that my pregnancy with Rip was not this "easy".

I guess I am bracing myself for the emotions that may come up between now and the end of November.  I know that some of these days will be hard, maybe even harder as I move forward with this pregnancy...but I know the only thing harder than reliving these days pregnant with Grace would be living them without her.

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