Tuesday, July 19, 2011

And Just So You Know Who You Are Praying For...

It's a GIRL!!! Grace Louise Harris or Gracie, as she is known around here, is just beautiful (well, as beautiful as someone can be when you can still see all of their insides...I feel sure by the time she gets here that will no longer be the case.)

We love our Gracie-girl and thank you all for your support.  Pink Tutus here we come!!


  1. Yay for a girl!! Congrats Anne!

  2. Praise the Lord!! I told you Mom a few days ago that I thought you were having a girl. I had seen so many pink rainbows!!! I am so very happy for you and Parke and your Gracie girly girl!! I agree Tutus galore coming her way. All of you are in my prayers daily. Thanks be to God.


  3. Hooray! What wonderful news! I hope she walks on her toes like you :) I've always thought that is so cute about you.

  4. My name is Anne, and I also have a daughter named Grace. We named my Grace for my grandmother Grace Middlebrook (12 generations removed, so takes us back to the 1630s) who bravely came to this country as a young girl on an immigrant sailing from Yorkshire, England, to start a new life in a new land. My grand matriarch! Such bravery! I just loved her story! And then, I looked in a baby name book to see what Grace "meant," and it meant blessing. I thought that was perfect. Then I looked up my own name. And Anne means.... "Full of Grace." At that moment, sitting there reading that, I was VERY full of Grace...9 months along in pregnancy with my little Gracie. And then I knew: Grace would definitely have to be her name. There is something special, a linkage, about moms named Anne with little girls named Grace.