Thursday, April 7, 2011

We Go Together

I've been thinking a lot about family and how we are tied together, whether we like it or's a lesson I learned the hard way yesterday.
Because of the circumstances surrounding Rips death, there are some things that Parke and I, as parents and as people, feel we need to put our hearts at peace and to try to prevent others from going through the heartbreak we have experienced.
Unfortunately, that means doing some things, talking to some people, that can make healing wounds fresh all over again.
One such meeting occurred yesterday, and I decided not to participate...I thought by not being there physically, I would save myself the emotions that went along with my presence at such a hard event.
Boy,was I ever wrong.
My mistake was forgetting about my heart.  My heart is always going to be with my family, with Parke and with Rip, even if I am not there physically.  The thought of Parke going through that meeting alone, the thought of not being there when Rip was being was much worse than the reality.
So I learned my lesson, even though some of the things we will have to do over the next months...years...lifetime...will be hard, we're in this thing together. 
We are a family, for better or for worse, here or in our hearts.

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