Friday, April 1, 2011

Tell me something good...

It's been a bad week.  It happens.  But good lord I get sick of them.
I get the whole "why ask why" thing...but why?  Why us? Why our baby? Why, after everything we went through, did we still lose?  Where was our miracle?  What are we supposed to do now?
I try to stay positive, because that is who I am...I am a happy, optimistic person who had something awful happen to me, to my whole family.
But sometimes I get worn out, just physically and mentally exhausted.
And I try to remind myself that just as quickly as things can go wrong, they can go right I am ready for that.
I am throwing it out to the it rainbows, heads-up pennies, or four-leafed clovers...wherever that good may be, we're right here...and we're ready for you.

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